Keepin’ it Local: Good Eats in Hendersonville!

Hendersonville, TN is a real cozy place, full of friendly folks and tasty local spots to grab a bite. We all love our hometown grub and wanna make sure our local joints stick around, even with all them big chain places poppin’ up everywhere. We’re all about that ‘Eat Local’ spirit!

Eatin’ local means we’re helpin’ our own. Lots of our favorite spots are run by local families, just regular folks tryin’ to share their home cookin’ with the rest of us. They keep the hometown feel alive, remindin’ us of the good ol’ days and creatin’ a place where everyone knows your name.

Every time we spend our dollars at local spots, we’re keepin’ our town strong and helpin’ our neighbors out. Plus, a lot of these places get their stuff from local farms, so it’s fresh and real good. It’s a win-win for everyone!

And let’s not forget, these local spots make Hendersonville special, each one offerin’ somethin’ different to try. They show off the creative cookin’ of our friends and neighbors and bring us all together over some delicious food.

So let’s make a promise to support our local eateries and keep the ‘Eat Local’ spirit alive in Hendersonville. When we choose to eat at our local places, we’re doin’ more than just gettin’ a meal, we’re keepin’ our town’s story goin’ and makin’ sure everyone gets to enjoy the homegrown flavors of our community. Let’s all pitch in and keep our town tastin’ great! Below you will find a list of resturants that are special to our heart and we want to help support.

Hendersonville’s locally owned hometown Café serving Breakfast-Brunch-Lunch Daily.

 Mi Puehlito Restaurante Salvadorian truly Authentic food from Latin America that will open your eyes with flavor.

            Dos Margaritas come enjoy Traditional Mexican Dishes                      for Lunch & Dinner cooked fresh Daily.

Pizza Ranch serves buffet style hot and fresh Pizza & Chicken and Vegetable’s with great Salad Bar for Lunch & Dinner. 

Some of Sumner County’s best country cooking for Breakfast Lunch            and Dinner. Come and join us for fresh home cooking.

                    Start your day right with that first cup of coffee                              from the Stomping Grounds.

Hello Hendersonville we are so happy to be here with our new location serving up plates full of HOT fresh juicy Chicken & Gyros. Open until midnight when the hunger strikes come dig in.



South East Asia’s Favorite Thai food can be found right here in Hendersonville. This Thai Family Knows Authentic Thai Food. 

Indulge in exquisite steak or succulent chicken at our exceptional restaurant, where your cravings for shrimp, steak, chicken, and more will be expertly satisfied. 

Come dive into our tender BBQ baby back ribs. Game days just got a whole lot better. Something for everybody in the family to eat and plenty of games to watch with family and friends.



Look no further for Pizza, Wings, Burgers and Dogs this is Sumner    County’s Community Place to be.

Cinco de Mayo has been delighting Hendersonville with a culinary journey of fresh and authentic Mexican flavors. Bring the Family come and relax.

Lakeside classic American restaurant with a focus on real ingredients and the tried and true classic foods. We are here to serve our Community.

Homemade Cooking Made From Scratch We personally buy the groceries to make our meals. Come Hungry our portions are large.

Center Point Pit BBQ the name says it all for generations this place has been the go to place for the Real Deal Pork meals. JOIN US.

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